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NBC to Air The Conscientious Objector
The Conscientious Objector, a film produced by Terry Benedict, will air on many NBC television stations beginning June 13. (If your local station isn't carrying this important show, call the station management and tell them how much you'd like to see it).

"The Conscientious Objector" is the true story of Desmond T. Doss, a Seventh-day Adventist medic in the U.S. Army, who overcame ridicule for his refusal to carry a weapon, then distinguished himself as a fearless saver of lives on the battlefields of the Pacific during World War II.  

In one of the battles for Okinawa, the unarmed and unprotected Doss saved the lives of 75 wounded men, as well as that of his commanding officer, dragging them one at a time in the face of certain death to a cliffside, where he lowered each of them by rope to the camp below.

Some of the soldiers he saved, including his captain, were those who had mistreated him. His unselfishness and concern for their lives won him the respect of the army and the nation, which awarded him The Congressional Medal of Honor. More information is available at www.desmonddoss.com.

The Adventists Win the Silver Award
The Adventists won the Silver Award for best long-format documentary at the 2010 annual Peer Awards. The awards program, sponsored by Television, Internet and Video Association of DC, Inc. (TIVA), honors the best in television produced by filmmakers in the mid-Atlantic region. An awards ceremony was held this past Saturday evening at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. The Adventists is a one-hour documentary now airing nationally on PBS stations. It tells the story of Seventh-day Adventists and their unique approach to health and healing that has made Adventist some of the healthiest and longest living people on the planet. The DVD has been a national best-selling documentary on Amazon.